Breaking News from CO: We are now selling Sobriety Milestone Chips / Coins / Tokens / Medallions

Yes, you, the Local Southern Oregon A.A. Members & Groups have spoken, and all of us at your Central Office listened. 

We’re excited to announce that the Central Office of Jackson County is now providing Groups with Sobriety Milestone Chips / Coins / Tokens / Medallions. Consider this your personal invitation to come down and re-fill your inventory for your group. 

Go here to find out how to grab sobriety chips for your Group at Central Office.

We sell them at our cost and absorb the shipping fees, so you can know that you’re getting the best price. So why are we choosing to sell them if we don’t make money on them, then?  We at Central Office are in existence 100% only to support A.A. Groups wants and needs.  Plus we’d love to see your smiling face in our office and, perhaps, help you break out of the mold of the zero connection style of an anonymous delivery to your doorstep. 

What are “Chips / Coins / Tokens / Medallions”? They are small, round tokens that are given to people in recovery.  They signify how long a person has been sober and serve as a physical reminder to take one day at a time. Although A.A. sobriety Chips / Coins / Tokens / Medallions are definitely not a mandatory part of the A.A. 12-Step Recovery Program (in fact, they are not “A.A. Approved”) however across the globe it’s become a common practice to use them and it’s a part of A.A. culture.  The names … Coins, Tokens, Medallions, and Chips … can be used interchangeably.  When taking such a journey through the 12-step recovery program and then moving forward with life, carrying a memento of the process and a dedication to continued success can often give one great strength (and give hope to others!). That is what recovery medallions were originally given for.

And now a quick A.A. History lesson:

It is said that Sister Mary Ignatia gave out the first Alcoholics Anonymous “medallion” when men were leaving their five-day dry out at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio with the help of Dr. Bob Smith who is one of the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous).  She instructed the men as they were discharged that the acceptance of such a medallion signified commitment to God, AA, and to recovery. Since then the traditions of AA chips, AA sobriety coins, and AA recovery medallions has varied from that of the onset of the journey, to celebrating one’s recovery birthday.

Today, the significance of sobriety Chips / Coins / Tokens / Medallions still stands strong, and if you choose, we at Central Office Jackson County want to support you and your group to use that significance to strengthen your members’ commitment and connection to the recovery process.

Go here to learn more about how Central Office can support you  to secure sobriety chips / coins/ medallions to distribute at your Group.

And for fun, here is a suggested “Chip Script” for your group (obviously tailor it to your liking)

Your Central Office Manager,

Wayne T.

Breaking News from CO: We are now selling Sobriety Milestone Chips / Coins / Tokens / Medallions
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