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Central Office Rep -“You And Your Home Group”

Bill W. states that “Our Twelfth Step – carrying the message– is the basic service that the A.A. Fellowship gives; this is our principal aim and the main reason for our existence.” One drunk talking to another is stated to be vital to permanent recovery to the individual, and is the lifeblood to the newcomer. […]

New Mailing Address for Donations to G.S.O.

Your General Service Office and board are excited to announce that we are embracing a new method of processing our Seventh Tradition contributions that will reduce costs, ultimately allowing for more investment in services to members and groups. To this end, we are excited to announce that a separate post office box has been established […]

Breaking News from CO: We are now selling Sobriety Milestone Chips / Coins / Tokens / Medallions

Yes, you, the Local Southern Oregon A.A. Members & Groups have spoken, and all of us at your Central Office listened.  We’re excited to announce that the Central Office of Jackson County is now providing Groups with Sobriety Milestone Chips / Coins / Tokens / Medallions. Consider this your personal invitation to come down and […]

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