Printable A.A. Schedule

 >> HERE is the printable & accurate in person meeting schedule

As the meeting schedule is currently changing so quickly, instead of doing a massive printing haul every quarter, we have an alternate solution for Jackson County:  We at Central Office will print current Meeting Schedules for you or your A.A. group “on demand.”   

This means that WE ARE HAPPY TO PRINT SCHEDULES FOR YOU ON OUR CENTRAL OFFICE PRINTER FOR FREE to make sure it contains the latest and greatest;  just please make sure you visit us during business hours.

Alternatively, you can print the schedule at home or at the print shop of your choice.

 >> GO HERE to access a printable up-to-date in person meeting schedule to print on your own 


If you need assistance on how to print on your own, follow the instructions  below: 

1.  Go to THIS SPECIAL LINK <click here>  and a printable version of themeeting schedule will open up in a new browser tab on your device

  •  You will notice that the schedule is embedded as a Google doc ( you do not need to have a google account to print).  We adjust the doc as meeting changes come in. It’s always the same link, out Technology Team just changes the text contenton the Google doc.

2.  To print,

  • Select:  “file” in the drop down menu
  • Next: choose Option #1 (save as PDF, and download to your desktop and print) OR choose  Option #2 (print from the Browser / the google doc) –> see infographic below
  • Follow the printing instructions on your device.
  • When your local printer pops up a box on your screen…….. after choosing how many copies you’d like to make, select “More settings” choose “flip on short edge” so when you go to print, the pages will fold accurately!


If you are having trouble printing / saving the meeting schedule, we will happily print for you. 

Come and visit us during business hours

And, in the meantime if you’d like to return to the online meeting schedule lists, just follow the buttons below.

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