August 2021 Newsletter – J.C.C.O.A.A.

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This issue of One Day at a Time features articles written by A.A. members that focus on the Eighth Step. Inside, you’ll read powerful stories about how Step Eight continued the journey of healing and growth by beginning the process of making amends to the people they harmed, forgiving others, and possibly being forgiven by them.

My friends, I pray that you grab ahold of this Program. I pray that you hold on to it with your dear life. Not that I know firsthand what awaits us at the end of this journey, but I do know this. The journey is a beautiful life. It’s not always smooth sailing and sunny blue skies, and it definitely isn’t always fair, but it is always good. As Bill W. proclaims in the Big Book, “It is a fellowship in Alcoholics Anonymous. There you will find release from care, boredom, and worry. Your imagination will be fired. Life will mean something at last. The most satisfactory years of your existence lie ahead. Thus, we find the fellowship, and so will you” (A.A.W.S. Alcoholics Anonymous, 2001, p. 152).

So, my fellow A.A.s, I pray that God blesses you, keeps you, and protects you. Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted almost entirely, I hope that you are enjoying the summer and getting lots of time to have fun in sobriety. Take care of yourself and I hope to see you all soon. Please remember to pray for the still suffering alcoholic.

Sincerely, your friend,

Winslow C.

P.S. Don’t drink … no matter what.

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August 2021 Newsletter – J.C.C.O.A.A.
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